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Leo of the Lion's Gems

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Hey Leos! While your prescribed birthstone if you are an August Leo is Peridot and a fine, apple green gemstone it is…

Does Peridot define your personality? Does it attract you?

Fulfill you? Peridot is synonymous with strength and balance. I bet the strength part applies to you and if you ever feel off balance a bit, it may do wonders for you. Another gemstone that correlates to the Leo Zodiac sign is Larimar. Larimar is such a cool, shimmery gemstone, perhaps like your personality! It is found exclusively in the Dominican Republic where it came into prominence and rediscovery in the 1970s when a Peace Corps volunteer who was dating a geologist’s daughter found it enticing. This blogger/jewelry artist loves that story since I was also a Peace Corps volunteer.

Among the gemstones that serve as birthstones for Leo are a particularly sunny group:

The light play or chatoyancy of the tiger eyes is ever an attractor! And then I love the correlation of TIGER eye to Leo the Lion and a Leo’s unshakable tendency to keep the EYES on the prize.

No wavering on convictions for you. Where rutilated quartz is full of imagination and speeding up a spiritual journey by expanding awareness, citrine is a prosperity gemstone. Citrine can increase self-esteem and self-confidence while manifesting wealth and abundance. Balance that with the determination and self-reliance of the qualities of rutilated quartz. These thoughts are making me wish to wear a ring of rutilated quartz right next to a citrine ring. POWer to the wearer.

Rutilated quartz also has the attribute of protection and that correlates to amber which is known as a gemstone to absorb pain and negative vibrations, relieving anxiety, stress and depression. With those aspects under control amber then helps in the arena of self-expression and decision-making. As moods lighten, so spontaneity kicks in. The brightness arrives in the form of Carnelian. Enduring joy, boldness and warmth: Carnelian is a stone of courage, leadership, motivation and endurance. So much sun and warmth in these Leo gemstones.

To every aspect is its opposite. Besides the cool blues of Larimar, Leos may enjoy onyx and sardonyx which is banded onyx.

Leo gemstone rings above include: carnelian, rutilated quartz, tiger eye, citrine, amber, lemon citrine, red tiger eye, rutilated quartz, carnelian and sunstone. Be well, Leo! Enjoy your summer fun and rest firm in your convictions! Respect.

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