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Special Orders

bear claw ky agate ring.jpg

Bear Claw & KY Agate Ring

He found the claw on a hike in Colorado where he intended to move. He would be leaving Kentucky. He asked me to combine the two to commemorate this dichotomy.

her diamond pointer finger ring.jpg

Her Diamond Pointer

Finger Ring

She had been divorced for a few years and ready to do something else with the wedding jewelry. She decided that having a diamond with the power that that gem holds, on her pointer finger is a way of taking the power and directing it where she wants it to go.

hair jewelry with coin.jpg

Hair Jewelry with Coin

He collects coins. She has big curly hair. He asked me to use a coin to create hair jewelry she can wear with pride.

guitar pick pendant_1 of 2.jpg
guitar pick pendant_2 of 2.jpg

Guitar Pick Pendant

Her father passed and she is a young adult. He was a musician. Their birthdays were both on the 13th of the month. He passed away on the 13th.

dishware jewelry.jpg

Dishware Jewelry

The last dish of great grandma's service had a crack and wasn't being used. Now it becomes jewelry for multiple family members and honors their ancestor.

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