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Savané Links are sold by the inch as necklaces, bracelets, anklets or belly chains (by special order).

Neckrings are solid sterling silver and make a statement with or without a pendant. They are sold in S(small), M(medium) and R(large, or Rachel's size). We also carry three styles of Italian made chains, each for its own benefit. Slim Snake chains are great with any pendant in the Petite line, Sweeties line or small stone Elements line. The Regular Snake chain is a balanced weight appropriate for the Masterworks, larger Kentucky Agate and large stone Elements pendants. Rolo chain has the ability to be clasped at any interval giving it a variability of length. Curb chain is an easy answer for the Metro Man line.

For keeping your Savané Silver looking fantastic, we use these two products: Wrights Silver Cream like a bubble bath for your pieces, and Sunshine Polishing Cloth for a quick, dry rub solution to spiffing it up.

RF ring.jpg

RF Ring

RF: Reproductive Freedom! This ring is representing the need for autonomy in decision-making. The Center for Reproductive Rights fights for this freedom. I am donating 100% of profits from this ring to The Center for Reproductive Rights.

Let's make a difference and PLEASE vote for every candidate who represents this sentiment. If you need any information on how to vote in your area, message me for guidance on how to register and where your poling place is...confidentially.


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