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Special Designs

It is always an honor to design unique creations per special request. Some examples of special orders include creating a piece utilizing the precious metal and gemstone from a family heirloom. These elevated pieces boast contemporary design while maintaining 100% of their intrinsic, sentimental value. Otherwise, I can create a piece using a special object rather than a gemstone like a coin, piece of sterling silverware or a commemorative pin. I have made pieces using such unusual objects as typewriter keys, seeds from a Costa Rican tree, elk ivory, soda pop caps, a bear claw and broken pottery. 

While my main work consists of my own designs and it keeps me busy, I am happy to work special orders into the line up of pieces I am working on. Sometimes the special order requires casting precious metal, which is a totally different technique from the ones I use. While I have sources to make a cast piece, it runs more than a piece that I make completely myself. I welcome all special order inquiries, and am happy to give an obligation-free quote.

Sweet Aquamarine

She loves aquamarine. She wears dainty jewelry. She likes my style. I made her these aquamarine earrings.

Tears of the Apache

A friend gave me an Apache tear after my father passed as a memento to recognize the grief. I made this pendant with Apache tear to honor a loved one who has passed. I made holes in the back of the silver because I think it is important to see that what is black is actually deep brown or light brown, depending on how much light comes through it. The light at the end of the tunnel.


And Baby Makes 3

He commissioned the pendant with two gemstones, representing each of them as a wedding gift to his bride. He came back to ask to have their child’s birthstone added to the pendant.

Heirloom Options

She had several pieces of family, heirloom jewelry that she would never wear. The only jewelry she wears is a style of earring, which is a thin chain with a wire at either end that can be threaded through one or multiple piercings. She wanted me to make the heirloom pieces into baubles to hang from this silver thread in her ears. 

Archaic Blue

He loves the archaic style of blackened silver from the oxidation produced under the torch. He also loves the sky blue stone called Amazonite. And he loves contrast. 


A Triangle Cuff

He chose a lovely triangular, soft colored Kentucky Agate and asked that I make it a cuff bracelet for his wife. 





ky agate triangle_edited_edited.jpg
Rotary pin_edited.jpg

Thank you for your Service

She is proud of her special pin she received for her service in the Rotary Club. However, She does not wear jackets with lapels. I made the pin into a pendant in silver and gold.

The Fountain

Early in their relationship, they were snuggled on the couch, watching the movie “The Fountain“ and both admired the earrings the actress was wearing. He decided to see if I could re-create the earrings as his gift to her on their wedding day.

Man Rings

While I have a collection of pieces with my interpretation of masculine jewelry and larger size rings, often a conversation happens and he might pick a stone he likes and I will bring it to life after listening to his preferences and checking his size. Featured here are Persian Turquoise and Hawks Eye rings. 



She wanted to gift her nephew an Italian horn aka Cornicello for his coming of age gift. 

Although she could buy it online, she recognized the greater impact that a handcrafted piece would have.


So much fun to make gauge earrings to spec. Personally, I like to celebrate this opening by creating an open design. And the designs are reversible, so there are many choices of how to wear them.

Marry me. 

Her partner loves turquoise to the moon. Of course she wants to propose with turquoise. Plenty of turquoise and while we’re at it, let it be an outside the box style!

Silver, spoons.

She wants to gift each of her granddaughters, a spoon and have one for herself with one of her favorite gems, London, blue topaz.

New Look

He has recently gotten his ears pierced and wants to wear a rustic, looking silver earring. That’s not too big. Here I have created in my archaic style a non-matching pair of earrings.



A family heirloom diamond, and the gold it was previously sent in, become a contemporary design to welcome the wisdom of the ancestors to guide this union.

Grandma’s sterling flatware.

She had the idea of making spoon rings for the various members of the family interested in having one, but herself wanted a pendant instead, turns out others wanted pendants as well…

Venus. Moon. Woman. Leo. 

Yes! She is. And these are her signature earrings, if anyone is, wondering…

Holy Crosses!

She acquired a cross pendant as a young adult. When she married her husband, he admired it so much she gave it to him. She had a jeweler make another one for herself. Time rolled on. They had other jewelers make the same design for their children. This time, I am the jeweler who is re-creating the design that will be gifted to the grandchildren. What an honor.

More Bracelets please!

This is the fourth special torque bracelet I have made for her. She exclaims with delight each time and relishes their clinking as she serves up another fabulous lunch. (please visit Courtyard Deli in downtown Lexington KY)

She loves emerald!

She likes the style of bracelet that I make, which is called torque bracelet. She asked for emerald ends. I know her well enough to recognize the flower child in her. I added the embellishments to reflect this. 

Love the stone. 

She never loved the pendant, but she always loved the stone. In my work, I recognize that my designs in Silver elevate the deliciousness of the stone they embellish.

The orientation of the stone is the opposite of its original. I find it uplifting to turn a triangle or a teardrop around to make them more like a helium balloon…

Pearl moon. 

She had some old gold. She loved the big juicy pearls that I had recently acquired, and she fell in love with one. She sees the pearl as a moon. She loves my Archaic style of work. She loves versatility. Notice the 2 crescent moon pendants can be removed and worn as earrings. 

Freestyle iolite. 

She chose this Archaic style ring from the case, but she knew she wanted a purple stone. 

Blue Heart

They bought this Tanzanite on a trip to Africa long, long ago. The thought of it being hung on a loop never seemed good enough to honor the memories that the stone represented. Without being too literal, this heartesque design elevates the stone to its proper place. 

All in on Emerald. 

She had a longing for emerald. She loves filagree-like work with a lot of open spaces in the design. She wears this beauty on her pointer finger. She knows what she wants.

Three Sisters Pendants

He surprised his wife and her 2 sisters with one of a kind Petosky Stone pendants. 

Diamond set in Onyx RIng_edited_edited.j

Diamond Man

He is a ring guy! He had this freeform black onyx with a diamond already set in it. I made it into this freeform ring. 

Always with Her

The widow wants to keep the symbols of their marriage on her at all times. 

Charlotte’s Web


She asked if I could come up with a spider pendant. Or two. 

While motif jewelry is usually elusive for me, I am quite proud of this pair of spiders. 

Her Sardonyx armband. 

Heirloom Treasures Reimagined

Family heirloom garnet clip earrings became a contemporary set with the addition of some big, round garnets from my stash. I am always pleased to make these renovated sentimental pieces. It feels like the honoring of the ancestors. 

You n Me Originals!


She wanted to share a pendant with her aunt, so she chose the Kentucky Agates from me and … violà!

custom you and me pendants_edited.png

Wood Pendant

They wanted this special piece of wood to be wearable horizontally or vertically and in my ancient-feeling Archaics style. 

Custom wooden pendant_edited.jpg

Honoring his Service


A shell from the military honors 21-gun salute. Now the end cap is wearable over her heart. 

Invoking the Four Directions


Her request was versatility. A 4-directional pendant!

Prehnite versatile pendant.heic

Anklet for my son. 

Belt Buckle for my daughter.

My daughter’s belt buckle and bellybutton jewelry. 

I like making alternative jewelry and it is usually made to be installed by me.

custom 3 rings_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Personal Choice


Three rings made where the customers chose the stone from my stock. It can feel very powerful to choose the stone and design!

Favorite Things

Motif pieces are rare and only by special order. Here’s my best map of Kentucky with Lexington noted in central Kentucky. 

custom puppy pendant_edited.jpg

His girlfriend loves dogs. Merry Christmas!

Both Sides

Their stone. They asked that it be fully visible both sides, for good reason. 

Peridot commitment

Their Commitment Rings

commitment rings peridot.HEIC
all the rings_edited.png

Father-Daughter antler pendants. 


He wanted to memorialize their woodsy finds.

custom ky agate key fob 2_edited_edited.

Kentucky Proud

A piece of Kentucky agate goes everywhere with him even though he is not a jewelry wearer. 

They wanted to rock the leather and Kentucky Agate look. I think they mastered it!

amber custom - Copy_edited.jpg

For the Ladies

Her lovely amber was made into a pendant via a bale glued on.

Now she’s got style!

She fell in love with the stone and I made a pendant per her streamlined desires. 

Custom Pearl RIng.jpg
custom andalusite pendant.jpg

She wanted her big pearl to be a ring.  Wish granted.

New Life

Sometimes a well-loved pair of Savané Silver earrings needs a little tlc from the maker…

custom engagement and wedding band_edite

Engagement and wedding rings.


I feel deeply honored when folks entrust me with their emotional pieces. 

custom initials child_edited_edited.jpg

Made special for Mama

The mom asked that her child be guided in making something in silver. He chose to make these initials. I made them into pendants for Mom to wear. 

They found the sea glass early on in their journey and he had me set it as a ring for her for their anniversary. 


Their wedding rings. To each their style. 


He is commemorating their half century together and their children’s via birthstones through the creation of this cuff bracelet. 

Swiss Blue Topaz and gold balls on Savané Links bracelet. 

Custom Larimar_edited.jpg

Custom Creations

She brought this rough slab of Larimar back from the Carribean and wanted it as a pendant. 

Their stone, lab-grown ruby. My design. 

Objects are precious. This is a …. don’t remember… that she wanted to wear as a necklace. 

bear claw ky agate ring.jpg

The Bear Claw & KY Agate Ring

He found the claw on a hike in Colorado where he intended to move.

He would be leaving Kentucky. He asked me to combine the two to commemorate this dichotomy.

her diamond pointer finger ring.jpg

Her Diamond Power Ring

She had been divorced for a few years and ready to do something else with the wedding jewelry. She decided that having a diamond with the power that that gem holds, on her pointer finger is a way of taking the power and directing it where she wants it to go.

hair jewelry with coin.jpg

Hair Jewelry with Coin

The coin collector's lady has big curly hair.

He asked me to weave his passion for coins into a stylish

piece for her gorgeous locks..

guitar pick pendant_1 of 2.jpg
guitar pick pendant_2 of 2.jpg

Guitar Pick Pendant

Her father, a musician, died when she was a young adult.

Their birthdays were both on the 13th of the month.

He passed away on the 13th. 

dishware jewelry.jpg

Grandmother's Dish

The last dish of great grandma's service had a crack and wasn't being used.


Now it becomes jewelry for multiple family members and honors their ancestor.



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