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Limited Edition Designs

Elegant. Unique. Elements are small batches of designs that showcase a group of gemstones. Budget-friendly pieces!

"Element: a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic."

The line I call Elements is one that showcases the characteristic curves of the time in my work. These curves are always evolving; therefore, the line called Elements is ever changing. I make several rings (or pendants or earrings) of a particular design which embodies some of those characteristics seen in the one-of-a-kind pieces of the day. Because I make several of one design I am committed to a price range below that of the one-offs, staying under $200.

RF ring.jpg

RF Ring

RF: Reproductive Freedom! This ring is representing the need for autonomy in decision-making. The Center for Reproductive Rights fights for this freedom. I am donating 100% of profits from this ring to The Center for Reproductive Rights.

Let's make a difference and PLEASE vote for every candidate who represents this sentiment. If you need any information on how to vote in your area, message me for guidance on how to register and where your poling place is...confidentially.


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