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"Cinderella pieces!" I recognized that a ring based on a circular band with design elements added is suitable for one size of finger. I had to wait for the customer who fell in love with the ring and happened to have that size of finger. I really do not like remaking a design. One and done is my habit.


I had to shift the paradigm from circle and I came up with open styles of rings that solved the dilemma. I have developed a wide variety of solutions and continue to come up with more.


Each ring has a range of sizes it can be adjusted to accommodate. This flexibility allows my designs to go in so many direction which satisfies my one-off designs. Note: an asymmetrical ring design plays differently depending on the orientation on the finger AND when worn on the other hand. Keep playing!

RF ring.jpg

The R.F. RIng:

Raise Funds for Reproductive Freedom!

This ring is representing the need for autonomy in decision-making.  I am donating 100% of profits from this ring towards

direct assistance for those in need of access to reproductive health resources.  Kentucky Health Justice Network is the most recent recipient of R.F. donations. Find out more and give here.

Let's make a difference and PLEASE vote for every candidate who represents this sentiment. If you need any information on how to vote in your area, message me for guidance on how to register and where your poling place is...confidentially.




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