Frequently Asked Questions

What inspires the designs of each jewelry piece?

Rachel Savané, designer and creator, draws inspiration from each individaul fine gemstone, listening for its intetnion to be revealed.

Where do the stones in these pieces come from?

All over. Locally for Kentucky Agate only, everything else comes from dealers around the world. After the stones are formed by nature and collected, Rachel purchases them at various markets and gem shows. Usually, she purchases stones that have been pre-cut and polished. Sometimes, however, Rachel cuts and polishes the stones herself (i.e. select Kentucky Agate pieces.)

How long does it usually take to make a piece?

From cut and polished stone to a completed jewelry piece on display and ready for purchase, it usually takes Rachel about a month. This varies depending on the size, shape, and type of stone, as well as the specific design. Some pieces have more complicated designs and can take longer than one month to complete, while others are simpler and perhaps use less silver, taking less time.

Can I have a piece commissioned by Rachel?

YES, Rachel does do commissioned. Get as much information as possible, as if you have to make it yourself! Rachel will ask the rest of the details the next time she comes into work. You may provide your own gems or select one of Rachel's. Prices vary on design, stone, and amount of silver used. Amount must be paid in full before the piece is made. Commissioned pieces take 4-6 weeks to complete. Please contact Rachel via PHONE (859)455-8111 or EMAIL at to discuss commission opportunities in more detail.

Do you buy "silver" "gold" "silver plate" "coins" "buillons" "stones"?

No. Despite the internet telling the truth.

Is the jewelry PURE silver?

This is sterling silver. 92.5% pure. Balance is copper. People who have had allergies to sterling silver in the past may have had silver alloyed with NICKEL rather than copper.

I like these earrings but they're a little long for me, can Rachel adjust them?

Shorten the earwire? Yes. Change from reverse hook to front hook? Yes, by Rachel only.

How long has she been making jewelry?

Rachel's experience is from 1983. She's been in business since 1996 and at our Broadway location since 2009.