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As a product of the 80s myself, chopsticks were a popular method of holding hair in a bun, but lacked practicality with their extension of the body like a couple of antennas on top of the head. Nonetheless my senior thesis work at University of ILLINOIS toward my bachelor of fine art consisted of a series of silver hair sticks. I recognized that these were more sculptural than practical. I moved to using hair bands rather than chopsticks after that. When I began my career almost 10 years after achieving my BFA I tried to solve the hair adornment question. I needed to address the practicality of the genre of jewelry. Many years later it popped into my mind to make a decorative cover for the hair band. And hair jewelry was born! It wasn't until several years later when a customer dubbed them Hair Cuffs that they got their name.

RF ring.jpg

RF Ring

RF: Reproductive Freedom! This ring is representing the need for autonomy in decision-making. The Center for Reproductive Rights fights for this freedom. I am donating 100% of profits from this ring to The Center for Reproductive Rights.

Let's make a difference and PLEASE vote for every candidate who represents this sentiment. If you need any information on how to vote in your area, message me for guidance on how to register and where your poling place is...confidentially.


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