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Key Fobs

Key fobs or key chains! I have made them for myself for years and finally started making them for sale. As I believe that carrying a good rock with you is always a good thing, I also recognize that not all people adorn themselves.


The Key Fob is an easy way for anyone to carry a good rock, because we still have a key or two we keep with us. And those keys are likely to be with us all day, every day, if you think about it.


Why not adorn the keys to our kingdoms?

RF ring.jpg

RF Ring

RF: Reproductive Freedom! This ring is representing the need for autonomy in decision-making. The Center for Reproductive Rights fights for this freedom. I am donating 100% of profits from this ring to The Center for Reproductive Rights.

Let's make a difference and PLEASE vote for every candidate who represents this sentiment. If you need any information on how to vote in your area, message me for guidance on how to register and where your poling place is...confidentially.


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