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Designer, Rachel Savané, has created many styles of bracelets, from cuffs of styles not seen before to Savané Links that can be purchased by the inch, because we are not all the same size. Her 3/4 style of cuff has a design that rests top-center of the wrist and wraps three-quarters of the way around the wrist, leaving an opening at the wrist bone. The effect is seductive!

Her classic Torque bracelets are pieces that tend to be worn 24/7. Her own children wore the baby Torque bracelet from infancy to age 5 or 6. As the chubby toddler becomes a streamlined little kid, the size barely changes.

Leather cuffs are a strong, hippy retro splash!

Remember: you can adorn your ankles too. Savané anklets feel good and look fabulous!




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