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In the beginning of my career I made earring designs that I hung from ready-made "french wires" because I thought that was how pierced earrings existed if not on a post. I quickly shifted to making the french wire design myself. My satisfaction was short-lived because the hook represented a straight line above the center of the design and my designs were becoming asymmetrical. I wondered if I swished the earwire off to the side, the earring would hang properly or if it might be cock-eyed. One way to find out. Swish improved the balance of the piece! Asymmetry and mirror opposite designs with swished earwires became my norm. Then one day I wondered what craziness I was thinking when I wanted to swish the earwire so that it came through the back of the ear. I was embarrassed by my own audacity, but it seemed to work. That first pair of "Reverse Hook" earrings sold quickly, but I only took that as my luck not to have to be embarrassed for too long. Years passed before I did that again. Perhaps with age comes design wisdom and 

general audacity. Nowadays approximately 50% of earring designs are "Reverse Hook".



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