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Diamonds are . . .

a girl’s best friend

sometimes in the rough

ultimate symbols of love

transporters of angels

holders of courage and light

mind openers to new possibilities

purveyors of creativity

symbols of fidelity

connected to the crown and etheric chakras

purity and innocence

the King of Gems

amplifiers of the energy

associated with Aries, Taurus and Leo

instillers of trust to relationships and situations

conduits to the soul’s true light




ancient amulets of motherhood

reminders of the soul’s aspirations

invincible and indestructible

connected to the Sun and Venus

capable of driving away fears and protecting from negative influences

quartz on steroids



Hello my Aries cohorts!

Diamonds have been on my mind for a while now. I decided I needed to be wearing one a couple of birthdays ago, and so I purchased my first diamond called a salt-n-pepper diamond, I wanted a significant size, because it is about the presence and visibility more than the bling factor. Let me be blunt, it's about budget as well. Diamonds can be very inexpensive, but they must be tiny, and I do not know how to work with tiny diamonds. I like making jewelry using one, singular gemstone and creating a whole character by enveloping it in silver . . . and gold in the case of my upcoming Diamond Ring Collection

Since starting my diamond journey, I have seen many diamonds that exist outside of the 3 Cs of cut, color, clarity that are taught when shopping for that perfect engagement ring, budget not withstanding. I am developing sources for the salt and peppers as well as the rose cut diamonds. Rose Cut is a flat bottom gemstone with some facets on the top side. I have found a few diamonds in the rough that I find completely lovely.

I am curious about the spiritual qualities of the diamond. I created the above poem based on my research into the powers of the gem. So much good! As an Aries, born in April, I have heard all my life that my birthstone is diamond. My interest in gemstones which has been my whole adulthood has dominated my career as a jewelry artist. There are so, so many of them to explore and play with that I am only now, some 27 years in, coming up for air to explore that big, bad one that has so much going for it. I am finding out about the diamonds we have not been exposed to. They are the diamonds you won't see at the local jewelry store where some go when thinking about getting engaged.

I am working on design ideas, but for starters, I intend to make rings only. I am willing to make pendants and earrings by special order, as always. For me, I am thinking about the iconic Diamond Ring and how I can interpret it in my own Savané Silver style. Stay tuned.

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