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Level Libra

Libra folks are focused on balance, as the symbol of the scales suggests. Balance in fairness and justice, balance in being self-sacrificing for the greater good as well as self-indulging and balance in including everyone in the conversation with their extrovert personality, friendly disposition and outward beauty. In their desire to avoid conflict, they will employ self-sacrifice. A Libra is a person who does their level best in all circumstances.

The gemstones for Libra bring healing, extra assistance in balancing and realization of

Mexican opals, Ethiopian opals and (blue) opal triplets

their dreams. Let’s start with opal, the ever-enticing and oh so mysterious gemstone that has carried its lore for centuries causing those who are not born in October to steer clear, when actually that was a ploy or rumor created by gem sellers to cut the success of the jewelers who had control of the opal market. Opals bring the full spectrum of light to the aura of the wearer, for a balancing effect. They protect the wearer, shielding from the downward pull of negative forces. Opal inspires creativity, love, loyalty and peace. All of which make a Libra feel whole. In short, opal is a Libran’s happy place.

Agate as a gemstone of Libra is such a broad category because of the significant differences in the various kinds of agate. The cool blues of Blue Lace Agate encourage the speaking of one’s truth, while Crazy Lace and Mexican Agate provide a grounding, soothing and energizing effect which contribute to balance and protection. They both help with flexibility and ability to go with the flow when times are hard. Superior Eye Agate is definitely a protector from the evil eye, and African Agate with sunset hues acts as a great balancer of Yin Yang energies.

Superior eye agate, crazy lace agate, Kentucky agate

Kentucky Agate with its immense variety of colors and patterns has as many effects from protection to balancing the many directions we are pulled in this life to relaxing and reminiscing in the stories of life both current era and ancient times. Its story of formation is so long it is not known to scientists, nor reproducible in a lab. Kentucky Agate holds mysteries older than the human species. All agates are about abundance of luck, love, wealth and longevity. They provide courage, protection, balance and harmony. Agates encourage acceptance, generosity and an appreciation of nature. The one that speaks to you is the one for you.

Aquamarine with its cool blue hues embraces the truths that must be spoken in order to avoid or resolve conflict, which aligns with the Libra’s desire for justice. Aquamarine has the qualities of serenity, peace and tranquility while bringing forth the inner strength and power of the wearer.

Aventurine is congruent with luck and prosperity. Also it allows for confidence in applying one’s own form of positive magic to situations and interactions


in seeking partnerships and nurturing relationships. Let your love flow!

Bloodstone or Warrior Stone is the Libran armor for going out in the world. While Librans typically shy away from confrontations, bloodstone can provide the needed protection which allows them to speak their truth with the peace of mind that they have the inner strength to accomplish the task that must happen to restore balance and stability to the situation. Bloodstone is a stone of idealism, purification and a smooth energy flow.

Shine the light of Citrine on the subject! Bring decisive action and optimistic outlooks with this gem of high summer. As the long days of summer are in the rear view mirror, Citrine is a gem which reminds Librans of all good things which can be theirs: happiness, pleasure, confidence, truth, success, joie de vivre, comfort, creativity, truth and grace.