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Do you ever make pieces specifically for yourself?

Ten years into my career I began designing specifically for myself. Upon reflection this was the point at which my skills had reached a level I cherished, approved and took pride in. That year my husband and I celebrated our marriage on our 12.5 year anniversary, since our wedding day had been a whirlwind impromptu one at the courthouse. My parents wanted to commemorate our marriage with a special party. Half Silver! For this occasion I made prehnite pendant earrings and ring for myself. I also sewed my outfit and as it was January, I knitted a beaver scarf for an extra special accessory. 

So entered the new era. I began making pieces for myself when I fell in love with a stone that had a level of unique even among its same stone mates.  These days when I am exploring a new idea and want to experiment, I will make a piece just for me in order to test the idea. It helps me work through some challenges that I present myself. When I am making for myself, I am the most free in designing.

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