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Do you make special pieces for your family?

I do make jewelry for my family. My husband and I wear our gold bracelets that I made in the 90s when gold was inexpensive. One of the first pieces I made when starting my career was a sterling silver baby bracelet for our firstborn son. He was a year and a half old and wore it until he was in kindergarten and then lost it! I was upset and disappointed, but now I find it apropos and humorous. He was a kid, being a kid. 

I still make the same style for babies and for more successful parents whose children don’t lose them, I have turned the long-worn baby bracelet into a pendant for a parent to wear in memory of the early years.

I had designed small earrings for our daughters when they were toddlers. I knew I was having success when I sold a pair of similar earrings to an elderly woman, followed by a leather-wearing biker-man at an art fair. This little earring design, now called Sweeties earrings, covers a cross-section of the population!

In recent times my husband and son and both daughters all wear their belt buckles I have made for them. Each have a variety of other pieces I have made for them as well.

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